The UNDP Biodiversity Finance Model – BIOFIN

Developed by the United Nations Development Programme, the Biodiversity Finance (BIOFIN) model has been adopted by 31 countries around the world. Ireland will be the first developed nation to do so, using the experience and expertise garnered by nations at the forefront of BIOFIN, who harbour some of the world’s most valued biodiversity but also stand to lose the most through climate change and biodiversity loss.

The 31 countries currently adopting a BIOFIN approach to biodiversity conservation. Click the image to see more.

In general, the BIOFIN model requires 1) the identification of drivers of biodiversity change, 2) the measurement of financial challenges to address this change and 3) providing strategies to address the resource gaps present to meet national and international biodiversity targets.

BIOFIN Ireland will involve the composition of 5 important deliverables, information on which can be found by clicking the links below:

  1. National Biodiversity Expenditure Review
  2. Policy and Institutional Review
  3. Financial Needs Assessment
  4. Strategic Financial Plan
  5. Resource Mobilisation Strategy